kanye west kim kardashian warhol Kanye West commissions Warhol portrait for Kim Kardashian   See the painting

Well, that’s one way of showing you love someone …

Kanye West commissioned a Warhol portrait of his fiance Kim Kardashian. No, he didn’t get Andy Warhol to paint the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star (obviously) — the portrait was created by Monica Warhol, the niece of Andy.

According to In Touch, the portrait cost $30,000 (see the finished product here). “It’s a special gift,” Monica says of the opportunity to paint pop culture icons. “I am picking up where Andy left off, and Kim is the perfect addition to the Warhol legacy.”

Monica strongly believes that Andy would approve of having Kim “Warholified” as Monica likes to call it. “There is no way Andy Warhol would not have painted her,” Monica says. “Kim is manufactured gorgeous and is beyond fabulous. How could Andy not have been inspired to paint her like he did Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor?”

We would disagree, but we’re not family, so we’ll leave that up to Monica.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum