kim kardashian kanye west vogue cover annie liebowitz dress Kanye West not in Kim Kardashian Vogue selfie pic: Is Kanye a vampire?

A new image from the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue photoshoot has emerged. It shows the couple, along with baby North West, taking a selfie (or two) while being photographed.

Two things can be learned from this: One is that Kim and Kanye are totally cool with narcissism taken to an extreme lever. The second lesson is that Kanye West is apparently a vampire.

What’s that about vampire Kanye? You see, the photo in question shows West taking a photo of his fiancee and daughter (who are also taking a selfie) in front of a mirror. For some reason, there is no reflection for Kanye.

Of course this could mean that the angles of the mirror and the photo we see could be such that Kanye doesn’t appear. Or maybe there’s some bad Photoshop magic at work. But it could also mean that Kanye West is a vampire. We will let the people decide.

Getting back to the question of narcissism and selfies gone wild, what is this photo supposed to tell us? Taken by the famed Annie Leibovitz as part of the Vogue spread, you have to wonder if this is meant to be a commentary on the current selfie culture. Or is it a celebration of the selfie featuring two people who are practically defined by the narcissistic tendency to share a photo of the self? Or does it belong in the ranks of bad Photoshop jobs alongside this and this?

Maybe we should just change the word “narcissism” to “Kimyeism” and be done with it.

Posted by:Laurel Brown