kanye west wears mask to fashion show roc4life Kanye West wears mask to fashion show and returns to TwitterWhat’s a day without Kanye West doing something just a little strange? According to Roc4Life, the future Mr. Kim Kardashian attended a Paris fashion show in a very nice white suit, a black trench coat, and a red ski mask.

Yeah, Kanye went to a fashion show dressed to the nines, except for the ratty looking ski mask that makes him look like a homeless Spider-Man. After all, he’s Kanye West: trendsetter. Soon enough, all the kids will be cutting holes in their stocking caps so they can be just like him. They won’t be able to afford the fancy suit, though. They’re just kids.

His bizarre fashion sense isn’t the only thing to celebrate, though. Kanye has finally returned to Twitter! That’s right, the man behind such deep tweets as, “I love me,” and “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts,” has returned to Twitter, and just in time. After all, who doesn’t want to be inundated with Kanye/Kim baby pictures?

So far all Kanye has tweeted are one word messages like “Awesomeness,” and “Emotion.” He’s bound to get back to talking about his private jet and describing the anguish of trying to sleep on a fur pillow soon enough.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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