karen gillan doctor who reddit ama gi Karen Gillan's Reddit AMA: 'Doctor Who' memories, her secret bow tie opinion and more

Former “Doctor Who” star Karen Gillan has a horror movie to promote and that took her all the way to Reddit, where she participated in her very first Ask Me Anything session, taking questions from just about anyone who has them.
Naturally, a lot of the questions had to do with her time aboard the TARDIS, including that cameo return in “The Time of the Doctor.” Always a good sport, Gillan offered her real opinions on bow ties, fish sticks and custard, and even revealed a sugary secret about Matt Smith that he would probably rather be left unsaid. She also drops the news that her pilot, “Selfie,” has finished shooting.
Gillan’s movie “Oculus” is in theaters April 11. You Can check out highlights from her AMA below.
Would you ever come play a game with us on my show Tabletop?
Sounds like fun! Will there be beer?

This one actually came from “Big Bang Theory” star Wil Wheaton, who hosts a board game show on YouTube. Now he just needs to follow through on having Gillan on.
Karen, my son thinks you’re pretty. He’s almost four, so back off.
That’s so adorable. I bet he says that to all the girls. Tell him I said hi. What’s his name?

It turns out the boy’s name is Parker and Gillan has a special message for him.
Can you tell us one secret about Matt [Smith]?
Matt eats a whole packet of chocolate biscuits a night with tea.
If you could be any alien from the “Doctor Who” series, which would you be?
I would be a silurian.
How different is it working on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ from ‘Doctor Who’ (what are the differences)?
The differences are, is that the job is exactly the same, but the sets on Guardians were about 10 times bigger.
I loved watching Doctor Who and seeing what color your nails were going to be each episode. Are they real and do you paint them yourself?
They are real, and I painted them myself every day to save time for the make-up artist.
The year is 1998. Do you choose Playstation or N64?
Playstation all the way.
What is your honest opinion on fish fingers and custard?
It should be tried by all.
What is your honest opinions on bow ties?
Secretly cool, but don’t tell anyone I said that.
Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?
No, but if I ever get married, that’s how I would like to arrive at the altar.
In a lot of films and TV actors take little items of memorabilia to remember their time on the show. Did you take something, and if so, what was it?
I took the binoculars from the Tardis.
What was your most memorable experience while working on ‘Doctor Who’?
Working with two of my best friends; Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill, and being immersed in real cabbage.
Would you rather fight a horse sized duck? Or 100 duck sized horses?
Definitely a horse sized duck. I just think a giant duck is brilliant.
How was it to come back on Doctor Who for Matt’s regeneration scene?
It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, to see his last scene as the Doctor.
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