kate gosselin mady cara the view abc Kate Gosselin and daughters have far less awkward 'The View' interviewWhen Kate Gosselin and her teenage twin daughters Cara and Mady visited “The View” Monday (Jan. 20), they were much chattier than in their ultra-awkward “Today” appearance Jan. 16.

Since everything about being 13 is pretty awkward, the girls still didn’t seem fully comfortable in front of the cameras — which is interesting, since their childhood was documented for many years on TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8” — but they were much more forthcoming than before.

“I feel like I have lived my whole life just waiting for the moment of teen-hood. Everyone tells you to brace yourself and it’s really scary, and the truth is they’re typical, everyday, awesome — the most amazing big sisters on the planet,” mom Kate tells “The View” co-hosts.

Cara and Mady talk about the chores they do around the house — “I unload the dishes and Mady unloads the dishwasher,” says Cara. “We wipe down the counters and clean up dinner.” — and their favorite teen pop stars.

“If I’m going to be 100 percent honest, I don’t like Justin Bieber,” confesses Mady to great applause. She does love One Direction, and her favorite member is Niall. Cara isn’t a Directioner, though — she prefers Demi Lovato.

When pressed about more important things, like whether they talk to their dad, Jon Gosselin, the twins clam up. They do open up about their parents’ divorce, however. “Honestly, it wasn’t hard for us. It didn’t really affect me,” says Mady. “We still saw both both parents.”

And if you’re wondering how they feel about their septuplet siblings, the answer is typical: “They’re annoying. And it’s not even just the group, it’s just every single one of them,” says Mady.

Posted by:Jean Bentley