kate gosselin fm Kate Gosselin ordered to pay marriage counselor $10,000A judge has ordered Kate Gosselin — mother of eight and erstwhile reality TV star — to pay $10,000 to a marriage counselor who provided some (obviously unheeded) help to Gosselin and her ex, Jon, in 2009.

Sylvia Lafair claims she had a verbal contract with the couple, who flew her out to Los Angeles in 2009 to provide counseling. According to Us Weekly, Lafair sent bills to both Jon and Kate but was never paid. Kate reportedly claimed the therapist’s services were only used by her ex-husband.

On Thursday (May 13), a judge ordered Kate to pay $10,476 to Lafair, but on Tuesday (May 17) Gosselin’s attorney filed an appeal to overturn the decision.

We’ll keep you posted.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson