kate middleton baby details gi Kate Middleton baby details: Prince William will be in delivery room and morePrince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, are due to welcome their royal baby in about a month — and he or she will be born in the same hospital where William and his brother, Harry, were born.

That’s one of a handful of details released Wednesday (July 19) by the royal family’s office to help feed the insatiable appetite for news about the baby — and maybe calm the frenzy when the child actually does arrive in the world. Here are a few tidbits from the announcement.

The baby’s gender isn’t known. The prince and the Duchess of Cambridge decided not to find out if they’re having a boy or girl beforehand.

William will be in the delivery room. A spokesperson tells the AP the prince “fully intends to be present at the birth,” which will take place in a private wing of St. Mary’s hospital in London. William’s mother, Diana, gave birth to him and Harry there.

We’ll find out the baby’s vitals … Following the birth, a messenger will be driven to Buckingham Palace and will place a piece of paper with the baby’s gender, time of birth and weight on an easel in front of the building for public view. As soon as that happens, an announcement will also go out on Twitter.

… But not necessarily its name. That depends on how long William and Kate take to decide a name. William’s name wasn’t made public until he was a week old.

The prince will take a little time off. William will get a two-week paternity leave from the Royal Air Force before returning to his post in Wales.

Posted by:Rick Porter