royal baby waiting media Kate Middleton baby watch: We're all just waiting around nowDepending on which reports you choose to follow, the former Kate Middleton‘s due date is either less than 24 hours away or already past. The royal family won’t be saying anything about the Duchess of Cambridge being in labor until she’s at the hospital. And, if it’s true that Kate prefers a natural birth, that labor could last for hours and hours.

So we’re all just waiting now.

Kate’s due date has mostly been reported as Thursday (July 11) or Saturday (July 13), although all the palace has ever said is that she’s due this month. Photographers and media crews have been set up camp outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London since July 1, hoping to be on scene in case the duchess went into labor early.

Bookmakers who are taking bets on the royal baby’s name, gender and vital statistics have been updating boards near the media encampment regularly,  but that only does so much to break up the monotony outside the hospital. “At least when it’s your wife, you don’t go to the hospital until the wife’s in labor,” BBC cameraman Harry Rabbie tells the New York Times. “This could happen 15 to 20 days after the due date, even if we knew what the due date was.”

To pass the time between now and whenever the duchess actually gives birth, media outlets (including Zap2it) are offering up a torrent of minutiae about the hospital (the private Lindo Wing has a fancy menu for patients!), where the baby falls in the royal succession line (third, after Prince Charles and Prince William), soccer-themed baby gear from William’s favorite Premier League club and anything else even remotely related to Kate, William or the baby.

Because hey, we all have to pass the time somehow, right?

Posted by:Rick Porter