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Is Kate Middleton planning on using hypnotherapy to get her through the birth of her first baby? Reports say that the Duchess of Cambridge is considering it as an option to help with labor when she has Prince William‘s baby in July.

The reports seem to stem from the idea that Middleton is favoring a natural birth. Methods cited as possibilities include the use of a birthing pool in addition to the hypnotherapy possibilities. Multiple publications have cited sources close to the duchess as saying that Kate has spent a great deal of time researching her birthing options.

With the idea that fear and anxiety can lengthen labor and the birthing process, hypnotherapy is meant to move things along. It seems that some of Middleton’s friends have gone this route in their own births, increasing Kate’s interest.

Despite the reports, a spokesperson for the British royal family would neither confirm nor deny Kate’s childbirth choices: “We appreciate it’s a happy occasion but there are some matters which should remain private to the duchess.”

For its part, the natural-labor community seems to be thrilled. Heidi Woodgate of the Blissful Birth website told the International Business Times that she was “grateful to the duchess for her willingness to explore options for a natural birth.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown