Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg just got real weird for Hot Pockets.

From “Minecraft” references to continued mentions of Snoop getting baked to Larry David showing up, this new Hot Pockets commercial certainly appeals to its demographic if its demographic is supposed to be a bunch of stoners who drool over Upton — and Hot Pockets. With that being said, the ad is pretty funny albeit trippy.

Upton continues to be a good sport as she uses her famous good looks to promote Hot Pockets. But the biggest question raised in this commercial is not why Upton passed out after eating one Hot Pocket (should consumers be concerned) but rather is she Team Crust or Team Meat (or Team Cheese)? The world may never know, but Snoop definitely made his stance clear.

“yo @KateUpton n @HotPockets its all about #TeamCrust ya digg !! #YouGotWhatIEat #spon,” he tweets at her.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz