katee sackhoff tweets gun control twitter longmire a and e Katee Sackhoff tweets about gun safety, loses 100,000 Twitter followers

Saying anything publicly about gun control is a surefire way for a celebrity to spark controversy. “Longmire” actress Katee Sackhoff found that out on Monday (June 10) when she tweeted about gun safety … And lost about 100,000 Twitter followers in the process.

The initial tweet that caused the trouble wasn’t something that seems particularly controversial. Sackhoff posted a CNN news report about a young boy who accidentally shot his father after finding a loaded gun: 

“Please practice gun safety. This is horrible! RT @CNN: Arizona police: 4-year-old boy fatally shoots his father. http://on.cnn.com/12edICF”

Despite the seeming obviousness of not wanting toddlers to play with loaded weapons, many of Sackhoff’s followers began to debate the deeper issues of gun control in the United States. Like the country itself, many were for stricter controls and many were opposed to increased regulation.

It may have been Sackhoff’s second tweet on the matter that offended some. When asked by a follower about the possibility of having no guns at all, Sackhoff responded as follows:

“Never gonna happen in the US. Proper gun safety is a necessity though. RT @FulsomPrison: @kateesackhoff @CNN @cnni Here’s a radical idea folks. How about NO gun?”

That was pretty much the closest the actress, known for her role on “Battlestar Galactica” as well as for playing Vic Moretti on the A&E Western/cop series, “Longmire,” came to a specific stance on the matter. Despite this, a whole bunch of Twitter users didn’t seem to want to hear it

“On a lighter note since I’ve lost half my followers due to talking about gun safety…the sun is shining & Happy Monday! Love your neighbor today!”

Sackhoff signed out of the debate altogether with a final push for safety, no matter what your viewpoint.

“Well I guess I just learned talking about #GunSafety inspires a massive debate. Pro-Gun or Anti-Gun SAFETY should be unanimous! #OneLove”

Don’t worry too much about Sackhoff disappearing into Twitter obscurity any time soon though — she still has over 130,000 followers left.

Posted by:Laurel Brown