kathy griffin bravo show Kathy Griffin debuts new show: Is it 'Chelsea Lately' on Bravo?Kathy Griffin debuted a show on Bravo Thursday night (April 19) titled “Kathy.” Did you watch? What did you think?

The format of the show started off very “Chelsea Lately.” Kathy did stand-up for a few minutes and had her own Chuy to point to (her mom Maggie). It was pretty amusing, Kathy Griffin’s stand-up is usually pretty sharp.

Then the show went into about 20 minutes of Kathy and a panel of three guests, who just appeared to be friends of hers or something, kicking it on the couch and discussing current topics, like the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion that just aired, the Secret Service sex scandal, Brangelina’s engagement and Tupac’s hologram at Coachella.

That was OK. Her panelists aren’t the best. We were actually the most amused by the adorable Southern girl named Meredith. She was hilariously, especially because she went to see Wilson Phillips at Loehmann’s in Beverly Hills.

The next segment is where the show kind of lost us. Kathy filmed a video of her hazing various production assistants by asking them insane questions. It wasn’t terribly funny, and then she brought the PAs out to the couches to make fun of them for a while.

The final segment is called “Maggie tucks us in” and features Kathy asking her mom a few questions. That was kind of adorable, because Kathy’s mom is clearly awesome.

Overall, it was alright. Do you think it’s just an hour-long version of “Chelsea Lately”? Will you be tuning in again?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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