katie couric 450x275 gi Katie Couric goes eponymous for new talk show, 'Katie'Cross one thing off the to-do list for Katie Couric‘s daytime show: It has a title, and it should be pretty easy to remember.

Couric’s new show will be called “Katie,” TV Newser reports. That’s pretty much par for the course with single-host daytime talk shows (see “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Maury,” “Rachael Ray” et al), and since Couric is already quite well-known, it would have been a surprise if the title had been something other than her name.

Couric’s show won’t launch on ABC until the fall of 2012, but TV Newser says the network is getting ready to start marketing “Katie” to advertisers and local station owners, so having a title is helpful. The site also has what looks like a promo poster for the show, with the tagline “The opportunity begins September 6th.”

In the meantime, Couric will be working for ABC News. Her first on-air appearance in her new home came earlier this month when she was a guest co-host on “The View.”

Posted by:Rick Porter