katie couric sarah palin kids names Katie Couric wants to interview Sarah Palin againKatie Couric and Sarah Palin have an interesting history together, beginning with Couric’s infamous question about what newspapers the then Vice Presidential candidate read. Well, it looks like Couric is still curious about that answer and hopes Palin will answer it on Couric’s new talk show.

RadarOnline is reporting a show insider as saying, “Katie absolutely wants another crack at Palin. Katie would be honored to have Governor Palin as her first guest on her new show, but she truly doesn’t expect that she will accept the invitation because of the controversy surrounding the previous interview.”

The source continues, “Katie truly wasn’t trying to stump Governor Palin and she would love to be able to talk to Sarah about what she was feeling in the aftermath. Katie didn’t think all of the criticism Palin received was fair and Katie now has a platform that can allow her to delve deeper into the issues, and this would be a great opportunity for these two to move forward.”

The two are currently competing in a different forum right now. Couric is guest hosting “Good Morning America” for the week of April 2. To counter this, Palin joined what she often calls the “lame stream media” and co-hosted “Today” on Tuesday (April 3).

So Zappers, is there any chance Palin will join Couric on her upcoming talk show?

Posted by:David Eckstein