Katieholmes Rumors of Katie Holmes gracing the "So You Think You Can Dance" stage first spread last week when word of a meeting between her and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe leaked on the web, however no one would confirm that a deal had been struck.

I spoke with Nigel after last Thursday's "SYTYCD" results show and he was coy, only saying that it was "just a rumor at this point" but that he'd love to have Katie on. Judge Mary Murphy unleashed one of her signature screams when I asked her what was up. She denied having any knowledge on the subject, but screeched, "Would I love to have Tom Cruise in our audience?! You bet I would!!"

Well, Mary may get her wish because a source close to the show tells me Katie will indeed appear on "So You Think You Can Dance."

I'm told she's currently rehearsing a big number, which may include past "SYTYCD" all stars.


Travis Wall? Danny Tidwell? Will Wingfield? Oh, how about Sabra? Haven't heard much about what she's up to lately,,,

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh