By now you’ve heard about Katie Couric‘s new deal with ABC, where she’ll contribute to the network’s news division over the next year before launching a daytime show in the fall of 2012.

What’s been underreported, though, is what “clinched the deal” for her: As she told Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday on his “Game Night” special, her deal also includes a reality series about her life as a single mother raising 80 children. A clip from “Katie Plus Eighty” is above (it starts around the 2-minute mark).

OK, so, yeah, that’s maybe not the best idea (though really, is it any worse than “Conveyor Belt of Love”?). But we have to say we’re kind of enjoying this peek into the goofier side of Couric, the one that calls Donald Trump a “jackass” and can do things like this. We’re sure she’ll button it up as her show approaches, but this is kinda fun.

Posted by:Rick Porter