katt-williams-arrested-mugshot-retiring-comedian-pics-photo-seattle.jpgComedian Katt Williams says he’s calling it quits on his stand-up career on the heels of his arrest Sunday (Dec. 2) following a bar fight in Seattle.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up. I’m kinda done,” Williams tells Komo 4 News. “I’ve discussed it with my kids, I wasn’t gonna do in the middle of a Seattle street, I was going to go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM or LiveNation.”

Williams spent the night in jail after allegedly arguing with bar patrons and threatening the manager and then throwing a lit cigarette into a family’s car, hitting a woman in the face. Suge Knight later bailed out the comedian.

Sunday’s incident was one of several run-ins Williams has had with the law recently. On Oct. 17, he was taken into custody for a gun violation. Then in November, Williams was arrested after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a bottle. On Nov. 25, he reportedly evaded arrest, leading police on a chase while riding his motorbike recklessly in Sacramento.

Additionally, Williams was a no-show for his gig Thursday night at Seattle’s Paramount Theater, and after his Friday show, three fans say Williams attacked them for trying to take a photo with the comedian.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper