katy perry blonde smurf dress Katy Perry goes blonde at 'Smurfs' premiere, but stays grounded
Katy Perry isn’t afraid to transform herself for a movie role. Even if that role is animated.
The “Teenage Dream” singer has often described herself as cartoon-y and that’s exactly what she was at the premiere of “The Smurfs” in which she voices the role of Smurfette. Perry rocked a custom Smurfette dress on Sunday (July 24). She even had a new hair color to match. 
After tweeting about her failed attempt at a hair transformation last month, Perry donned golden blonde locks much like those of her on-screen persona.
Though Perry admits her cartoony image can have its downside. 
“I’ve created this ‘candy girl’ who is so happy-go-lucky all the time,” she confesses to Reuters. “I wish she had just like a day where she was a little bit more flat-lined.”
Fortunately for Perry, she surrounds herself with people who keep her grounded, especially her husband, Russell Brand.

“I like to keep good people around me, people who sometimes it’s difficult to be around because they’re not ‘yes’ people,” Perry says. “My husband is definitely one of those, he keeps me accountable and, you know, he’s not a fan, even though he is a fan — he supports me and loves me but he doesn’t lie to me, which is really important.”

Looks like Katy Perry doesn’t like being lied to, folks. So, tell us, what do you honestly think of her as a blonde?
Posted by:Jen Blushi