katy perry recent getty Katy Perry launches fake eyelashes lineKaty Perry isn’t going to laze about and wallow in misery after her split from hubby Russell Brand. In fact, instead of easing up on work, she’s tackling a brand new business venture faster than you can blink.

Yes, Perry is hawking fake eyelashes, which she wears religiously on the red carpet and in concert. She’s hooked up with the brand Eyelure, producing several different options so her fans can get her signature look.

“I have worn Eylure lashes all the way through my tour and really loved them,” she says. “When it came to having a range of my own, I wanted everyone to have a great experience with my lashes. Eylure was really the best choice for me to work with.”

The four varieties range from natural “Sweetie Pie” lashes to big, bold “Oh, My” lashes. Adorable.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie