After teasing fans with a brief preview of her latest music video, Katy Perry finally released the official clip for new single “Unconditionally” on Wednesday (Nov. 20) and the result is an abstract thing of beauty.

The clip bounces back and forth from a grand ballroom and a snowy field, with Perry and a bevy of waltzing dancers occupying both spaces. There’s little story, with the video, instead, composed of a plethora of stark, evocative images.

As Perry recently told MTV, the video is a bit of a departure for her. “It doesn’t have a complete narrative. I do that all the time; I usually have quite a big story line…. This time I wanted to give a lot of gorgeous, beautiful looks, which I don’t usually go for,” she said. “But it’s mostly just a beautiful video that is supposed to evoke this power of love.”

“Unconditionally” is Perry’s second single off her third studio album, “Prism.” She debuted the track at this year’s EMAs, and is expected to perform it again on Sunday when she opens the American Music Awards.

Check out Perry’s video above and let us know if the abstract vision was a success.

Posted by:Billy Nilles