katy perry reveals roar cover art twitter Katy Perry reveals 'Roar' cover art, new teaser video

Katy Perry has revealed the cover art for her newest single, “Roar.” The singer posted a link to the image via Twitter on Thursday (Aug. 8).

“Roar,” the first single off of Perry’s upcoming album, “Prism,” will be released on Aug. 12, but the singer isn’t wasting any time in promoting it. The imagery for “Roar” shows Perry in a tiger-decorated denim jacket, looking over her shoulder. Tiger stripes decorate the whole image.

The idea seems to be to look fierce — not fun as Katy Perry did back in her “Firework” days.

While the tweet was directed at fans in the United Kingdom, anyone in the world could get a peek of the image:

“!! ATTENTION UK !! EXCLUSIVELY for u guys, be the 1ST ones to see the #ROAR artwork NOW by pre-ordering single HERE”

Less than a day later, Perry had yet another treat for Twitter fans. On Friday (Aug. 9), she posted a link to previews of the song. Watch the videos here:

While most of the brief video clips have been around for at least a few days, the newest shows an angry-looking Perry heading into what appears to be a recording studio.

Posted by:Laurel Brown