kesha live mtv 325 'Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life': Pop star brings her brother Lagan Sebert along for the ride

It’s one thing to be an uninhibited pop star who talks freely about getting wasted and hooking up with strangers, and then playing up that image in the media. But what’s it like doing all that in front of your brother?
That’s the situation with “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life,” the MTV series premiering Tuesday, April 23, in which the singer behind such party anthems as “Tik Tok” and “Die Young,” allowed her brother, journalist Lagan Sebert, to film pretty much her every move for two years. It’s an all-access docu-series that captures her wild ride from potential one-hit wonder to bona fide pop sensation, replete with all the backstage antics and realities that Ke$ha hopes will show people what it’s really like to be in the spotlight.
“It’s really not a very glamorous lifestyle for a large percentage of the time,” she tells Zap2it. “I think that growing up I always thought [of] anyone who’s a touring musician, ‘Oh, it sounds so glamorous.’ But the truth is it’s most of the time really kind of scummy and not glamorous at all. I want to show the real s***.”
For instance, while on tour: showers are not always a given, plane rides can be a daily occurrence, and calling in sick is often not an option. Ke$ha recalls once being stricken with strep throat, a condition that made her feel like she was “swallowing razor blades,” but still having to take the stage.

Then there is the stuff people do expect — the “getting so crazy and making out with hot dudes” part — along with making her new album “Warrior,” including some songs that didn’t make the final cut. Yet in the end it was an opportunity for her to ensure that amid all the conversations going on about her that her own voice was included.
“With the media the way it is, people can just make up stories, and they go viral,” she says. “So I wanted to put out a series that is the truth and it comes from a person who’s close to me and only has my best intentions at heart, which is my brother.”

Right, her brother. So what about those moments when she was doing something a sister might not want a brother to see?
“Whenever anything awkward or sexual or seemingly inappropriate comes up, I just tell him to put on earmuffs,” she says. “But keep filming.”
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