keith olbermann msnbc Keith Olbermann: Possibly trading news for scripted TV gig with Aaron Sorkin

The dust has barely settled on Keith Olbermann‘s empty chair at MSNBC, but a few serious rumors are already swirling about the anchor’s next move.

EW reports that Olbermann could possibly collaborate with writer Aaron Sorkin on a long in-the-works comedy pilot about a cable news desk.

Sorkin apparently spent time on Olbermann’s set — as well as with Chris Matthews and at FOX News — researching the script. Sources close to the project tell EW that Olbermann could now be tapped to contribute write and possibly deliver on-screen rants to the series, should it come to fruition.

Time is an issue, though. The New York Times reports that Olbermann’s severing contracts with MSNBC stipulate that he not appear on TV for an undisclosed amount duration — radio and the Internet are apparently fair game.

Where would you like to see Olbermann land? Should he stick to what he knows or do you think he’d be good for a new Sorkin series?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell