suits kelly clarkson american idol dogs twitter gi Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterKelly Clarkson loves “Suits.” This is obviously because Kelly Clarkson is an intelligent woman of excellent taste. She’s also rather hilarious on Twitter when interacting with the cast of that show. From comparing dogs with Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt) to declaring love for Harvey to wanting to be Donna, the pop star has explained it all.

The Twitter exchange that revealed all of this happened on Thursday (Oct. 24), beginning shortly after USA announced the renewal of “Suits” for Season 4.

It all started when Clarkson complained that Season 4 was too far away (she’s not wrong):

“I personally feel like 2014 is a long time to wait for more “Suits” episodes … BS #ineed moreharveyinmylife”

Clarkson was referring, of course, to Harvey Specter, one of the show’s semi-heroes. Unfortunately, this brought the attention of Harvey’s frenemy, Louis Litt. Hoffman, the actor behind Louis, sent a response:

“@kelly_clarkson What is Louis..Chopped Liver:)?? Thanks 4 watching Kelly!!”

Of course, Kelly Clarkson likes more than just Harvey on “Suits,” as she made clear in her own response:

“@RickHoffman_ haha just saw this! You and your love for cats are right behind my love for Harvey 🙂 seriously, y’all have an awesome cast!”

For those not in the know, Louis Litt is notoriously fond of felines. As it turns out, Hoffman is a little different:

“@kelly_clarkson Ha! Thanks..However, I am a dog lover:) acted the s*** out of every scene on The Crazy Ones!!”

This is a correct assessment of Clarkson’s role in the “Crazy Ones” pilot. She was great. Also, Kelly likes dogs too:

“@RickHoffman_ I have 4 dogs which means I love them more than you. And I wanted to vomit I was so nervous on #TheCrazyOnes haha but thank u!”

Four dogs is a lot. Rick Hoffman only has two. But they’re cute:

“@kelly_clarkson 4? Ok Just let me know when u want 2 have a dog off!! I got 2. If u c their pics on here u’l wanna drop outtta that contest!”

Thus began the cutest part of Kelly Clarkson’s exchange with the “Suits” cast. She and Hoffman started in on the dog pictures:

“@RickHoffman_ tell me, what does defeat smell like?? Meet Joplin!! He is human hiding in dog form :)”

suits rick hoffman kelly clarkson dogs 1 Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterHoffman wasn’t about to admit defeat so quickly:

“@kelly_clarkson Joplin is cute…however, u tell me what it feels Bug. An Ewok hiding in a humans bag”

suits rick hoffman kelly clarkson dogs 2 Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterBut Clarkson had more dogs to share:

“@RickHoffman_ not fair! You used Star Wars against me haha! Bug is adorable! However meet Bear, the gladiator!”

suits rick hoffman kelly clarkson dogs bear Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterNo matter how many dogs Clarkson has, can she compare with two dogs together?

“@kelly_clarkson Bear!!! He’s a beauty!Ok so I’m going with Bug again bc I only have 2. Here’s Weezy..Show ur 2 more “

suits rick hoffman kelly clarkson dogs bugweezy Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterIt’s tough, but Clarkson managed a comeback with two photos in a row of her other dogs:

One: “@RickHoffman_ oh my gosh they are both so freaking cute!! Here is Security! He’s tough!”

suits rick hoffman kelly clarkson dogs 3 Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterTwo: “@RickHoffman_ and here is Cairo! He looks mean but he is a softy 🙂 I love my dogs but yours are cute as well.”

suits rick hoffman kelly clarkson dogs cairo Kelly Clarkson loves 'Suits,' dogs and Rick Hoffman on TwitterAt least Kelly Clarkson knew to give credit where it’s due:

“@RickHoffman_ I kind of want to put Bug in my pocket and just carry him/her around. Such a tiny tot!”

Hoffman, however, wasn’t about to let his adorable little Bug go so easily:

“@kelly_clarkson Get in line:)!! We can borrow one for one!”

The rest of the “Suits” cast may not have had puppies to share, but that doesn’t mean they stayed silent. Gabriel Macht, for example, chimed in right after Hoffman made his “chopped liver” comment:

“Louis = chopped liver! RT @kelly_clarkson: I personally feel like 2014 is a long time 2 wait 4 more “Suits” ep’s.#ineed moreharveyinmylife”

Patrick J. Adams, who plays Harvey’s protege, Mike Ross, on “Suits” noticed the exchange at this point and demonstrated a solid knowledge of Clarkson’s work:

“@GabrielMacht @kelly_clarkson ouch. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger Kelly. You taught me that.”

Clarkson, for her part, was happy to take credit for that bit of advice:

“@halfadams D*** straight, I did! I will love you more if you can get episodes out faster than 2000 freakin 14 #idontaskformuch”

Unfortunately, the “Suits” executive producer, Aaron Korsh, pointed out that these jokes were only delaying that which Kel
ly Clarkson wanted:

“@kelly_clarkson @halfadams Let me tell you something Kelly, this thread is definitely delaying the writing of episode 316 of #Suits.”

One other actor got in on the action — Sarah Rafferty, who plays Kelly’s expressed favorite, Donna. All Rafferty wanted was for the whole group to have some fun:

“@kelly_clarkson come play with us Kelly! Harvey can be your lawyer, Donna can be your BFF. 🙂 #suits”

Kelly Clarkson as a guest star in “Suits” Season 4? It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it?

Posted by:Laurel Brown