“American Idol” alumna Kelly Clarkson stopped by “The View” on Wednesday (Oct. 26) to talk up her fifth album, “Stronger,” and got way candid about her love life (or lack thereof) and lingering rumors that she’s gay.

Despite a back catalog of love/breakup songs, Clarkson says she’s never really been in love. Her songs about loss, she says, are more about relationship with her family, friends and people in the music biz but, she says, people “relate to it better when it’s about a guy/girl.”

“I’ve dated some cool guys,” said Clarkson. “I’ve never met anyone who I’m like, ‘I could spend th rest of my life with you.'”

She said her lack of a love-life, a wedding band and a couple of kids also has people in her hometown of Burleson, Tex., thinking she may be gay.

“I’m from a small town so, like, everyone’s married with children or about to have children,” she said. “So it’s a little hard when you go home and people are like — and that’s why people think I’m gay — because they’re like ‘Why aren’t you married?’ And I’m like, ‘it doesn’t happen for everyone right off the bat.'”

For now, Clarkson is content to focus on her career, saying music is what she was born to do.

“What do you want to do when you’re 50?” asked Joy Behar.

“I want to be married — it looks romantic and all,” Clarkson replied. “Well, I’d like to go on a good date.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson