kelly clarkson the tonight show wedding gi Kelly Clarkson talks getting pregnant on 'The Tonight Show'

Newlywed Kelly Clarkson isn’t wasting any time when it comes to starting a family. When the singer was a guest on Monday’s (Nov. 11) “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” she talked about practicing for pregnancy and wanting five kids.

Clarkson did not, however, admit that she could pregnant already. But she didn’t deny it either.

Cheerful is probably not an adequate word to describe Clarkson’s mood when chatting with Jay Leno. She was happy to talk about her “secret” wedding, although she insisted that there was nothing secret about it. “We just decided to not do it so big,” she said, noting that the date never changed.

Even Clarkson’s engagement story was adorable. Apparently, she wasn’t exactly ready when her now-husband popped the question. “We had one day off. He sat down and popped the question,” Clarkson explained, adding “I had no bra on. I was in Uggs. I had a sweatshirt on. I was not hot.”

But the singer did say yes — as soon as she realized that she hadn’t actually responded.

Now that she is married — to her manager’s son, a fact she occasionally finds “kind of incestuous and awkward” — Kelly Clarkson seems very ready for the next step. “I never wanted kids before, but now I want like five,” she said. “I want a baby with little feet. I just want to bite ’em!”

Of course, Jay Leno had to ask his guest if she was expecting. Clarkson’s cagey response was “We are not announcing anything right now.” So that’s a maybe. She is, however, very much working on getting pregnant. “Practice makes perfect!” Clarkson said with a grin. “Like rabbits!”

Is Kelly Clarkson pregnant? Whether she is or not, it does sound like babies may be in the singer’s future.

Posted by:Laurel Brown