kelly osbourne lady gaga cake Kelly Osbourne on Lady Gaga feud: 'I overreacted'“Fashion Police’s” Kelly Osbourne has been in a bit of an online tiff with Lady Gaga lately, the most recent issue of which is telling Gaga  “eat my s***” after Gaga presented Kelly’s mom Sharon with a birthday cake for Kelly on the UK “X Factor.”

But Kelly admits on “Hello Ross” that she may have overreacted.

“I will just admit I overreacted, I really did. When you f*** with me and my mom, that’s when I get a little bit — I saw it wrong. I saw it more as a publicity stunt than an olive branch and I do think this is something that her and I should meet face to face and discuss because there’s a lot of huge misunderstandings on both sides in this ridiculous fight that doesn’t even need to be happening,” says Osbourne.

She also plays the Pop Culture Quiz:

What was the last song that got stuck in your head: “What the Fox Says”

When was the last time you were star-struck: “Probably Cher … there’s only a few people that I’ve got star-struck over, you ready? Cher, Liza, Joel Grey, Bette Midler.”

Who are your style icons: “Rupaul, the Golden Girls and Coco Chanel.”

Who are you out of the Golden Girls: “Oh, I’m definitely Sophia. I’m so cynical.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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