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People aren’t taking kindly to one of Kelly Osbourne’s newest Instagram photos. On Thursday (June 18) she posted a snap of her posing with a wig similar to Rachel Dolezal’s hair, and commenters were quick to call her “hypocrite.”

Dolezal recently made headlines when her parents outed the former NAACP chapter president as not being black. She was born white but at a certain age changed her hair and started applying a darker foundation because she “[identifies] as black.”
Meanwhile, Kelly Osbourne quit her job at “Fashion Police” in February after Giuliana Rancic made bad taste comments about Zendaya’s dreadlock hairstyle. Rancic later apologized for saying during a post-Oscars “Fashion Police” episode that Zendaya’s hair probably “smells like patchouli oil or weed.”
Though Osbourne was clearly trying to be funny with her #CallMeRachel and #MyCasualLook hashtags, a lot of people aren’t seeing the humor.
“Anyone who thinks this is funny in light of @kellyosbourne ‘s bs earlier this year in fashion Police with her antics about @zendaya is a complete moron. It’s about context people, and in this case she’s absolutely 100% a hypocrite,” an Instagram user named ncam0119 writes.

Gillgalli adds, “So making fun of others is only okay when you do it? Hypocrite.” 

Other people jumped to defend Osbourne, like discodemolition, who writes, “Transracial is not a real thing. Rachael is white, not black. Kelly is making fun of Rachael, not black people. People get outraged about the stupidest things these days.”

Bizzybee06 says, “Earth to all the ppl who lack intelligence by calling this racist. Grab a dictionary & look up the definition of a racist. Then, while you are at it, look up the definition of stupid & that is where you fall.”

Clearly Osbourne isn’t too concerned with the negative reactions, because she reposted the photo later that day with the hashtag #TBT.


A photo posted by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on

Posted by:Terri Schwartz