kendra wilkinson baby talk Kendra Wilkinson talks 'Dancing' weight loss and baby #2

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson was incredibly upbeat about her “Dancing With the Stars” elimination, but as she mentioned to Zap2it many times during her run on the series, she had a lot to go home to.

“If it wasn’t for Hank [Baskett], I wouldn’t have been as strong as I was throughout this competition,” she told press of the doting husband we saw at every telecast. “Hank was my backbone in this competition, he was that inhaler that I needed… I’m proud of where we got to and the way we got here, I’m very happy.”

She’s also happy with her body. Kendra has mentioned throughout Season 12 that she’s never felt better about her body, losing as much as 10 pounds between episodes.

“My metabolism has sped up too much,” she says. “I created the definition I’ve always wanted. I have that curve now… I keep asking if my boobs look bigger because everything else has shrunk.”

Mr. Kendra has noticed the difference too. “Hank definitely sees a transformation,” she says, laughing. “He sees it in my ass.”

All of that excitement about her body doesn’t change her intentions of having another baby, though. “We’re definitely thinking about it,” Kendra admits, though she notes she and Hank want a few more opportunities to party before they tackle another kid.

“I’m going to miss the glamor,” she says of her ‘DWTS’ experience. “You can’t get more glamorous than you are on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ This was the one time where I feel like Barbie, but this is where my journey ends, so I’m going back to being a stay-at-home mom.”

It’s not the absolute end for Kendra’s glamorous journey, though. She’ll be back for the finale, where she tells Zap2it she’ll almost certainly be performing another encore of her tabletop Samba.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell