As we count down to the 2014 Emmy Awards, Zap2it
is taking a closer look at each of the lead acting nominees for comedy
and drama — and judging them not by their best work, but by some of the
more dubious credits on their IMDB pages. So we ask you: Based on what
you’re about to see, would you give this person an Emmy?

Long before she donned the white hat to play her Emmy-nominated role of Olivia Pope on “Scandal,” Kerry Washington was getting her groove on with Julia Stiles in the 2001 film “Save The Last Dance.”

Her character Chenille was smart, sassy and did everything she could to integrate newbie Sara (Stiles) into the urban dance community of Chicago’s South Side.

Honestly, it was hard to find anything Washington has ever been less than stellar in — her other credits include Oscar-nominated films such as “Ray” (2004) and “The Last King of Scotland,” (2006) after all. But her role in the dance film shows an extremely different side of her than her 2014 Emmy-nominated performance, and we thought it was worth the reminder.

So we have to ask — would you give this woman an Emmy based on her performance in “Save The Last Dance?”

Posted by:Sarah Huggins