kesha conan virgins electrocuted Ke$ha prefers sex with virgins, once electrocuted her vagina

Oh Ke$ha, you really are one of a kind. The singer appeared on “Conan” Wednesday (October 16) and decided to talk about the kinds of things she’s into, both on stage and off.
Host Conan O’Brien asks her about a picture he has from her live show, where she’s using some sort of metal grinder near her crotch, shooting sparks all over the place. She explains that it’s for a song called “Gold Trans Am,” which is about her car. Ke$ha says she compares the car to her “vaginal region” on the track, so when performing live, she thought it should be a focus point.
“Is that dangerous at all?” Conan asks. “Yes, super dangerous,” she replies. Ke$ha then tells the story of a mishap she had with the power tool. “I was doing that and all of a sudden I started getting electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina and it was super scary and intense.” Luckily for Ke$sha, she says she’s “all good” now.
The singer also talked about the kinds of guys she prefers. It turns out if you’re a “dork” or a virgin, you are right up the her alley. “I can be kinda rapey,” she says, adding she likes guys who are unassuming and don’t have a lot of sexual experience. “I like pouncing on my meat,” she explains to cheers from the crowd.

She then shares yet another story, this one about a guy she wanted to make a conquest. “There was this virgin and he was old,” she remembers. She says she met the 35-year-old while playing dodgeball, adding, “I wanted to de-virginize him.”  It was all systems go until Ke$ha invited the guy over and he broke her record player, which totally killed her mood. Better luck with the next one, Ke$ha.
Check out the videos from her interview below. Warning: they contain explicit language.

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