Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant gave a woman in Phoenix a sweet little head massage after an errant ball rebounded off her noggin on Sunday. The slow-mo replay in the video above is pretty amazing, and is sure to be on this woman’s family movie night playlist for years to come.

Though the scalp rub seemed to make her day, it wasn’t quite the thrill Durant gave to a slightly older woman sitting courtside at one of his home games a few months back. When a little Oklahoma lady got bopped in the kisser with a stray b-ball, Durant went over and gave her a smooch on the dome. Her reaction, seen in the video below, was priceless.

Of course, it’s normally not the players themselves getting all kissy-face at NBA or other professional sports events. But spontaneous kissing caught-on-camera — aka the “Kiss Cam” — is a modern game day staple, and below are a few shining examples.
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kiss at a Lakers game:

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson kiss at an LA Kings game (starts at :52):

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama kiss at a US Men’s exhibition game (after an initial FAIL, that is):

David Beckham kisses Victoria Beckham at a Lakers game:

Adam Sandler kisses Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game — yes, really (starts at 1:13):
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