kevin smith tusk clerks iii gi Kevin Smith finishes first draft of 'Tusk', 'Clerks III' not his last movie after all?

Director Kevin Smith has been very vocal that he planned to make one more movie, before calling it a day on his film career. Originally, that final film was going to be his hockey opus, “Hit Somebody.” However, he later revealed movie was transforming into a TV miniseries.
It was then that Smith said his final movie would be a third installment in his “Clerks” franchise, with the principal actors returning. He’s turned the script for the movie into the Weinstein Company to await word on funding, which leaves the director with some free time.
It came as a surprise when Smith announced that rather than waiting for the call, he had begun writing yet another new script. The project is called “Tusk” and is based on a story he made up on the fly with friend and producer Scott Mosier on an episode of their SModcast.
The story on the podcast began as a discussion about a post on a Craigslist-like website that was looking for a tenant to move into a house. The tenant would have to wear a walrus costume for two hours a day, acting and speaking like the animal, and even eating the raw fish thrown a them.
From there, the two created their own story, which Smith likened to “Human Centipede,” that featured a person being kidnapped and sewn into a walrus costume. So, it doesn’t exactly sound like a comedy.
Smith has completed the first draft of the script as of Tuesday (July 17) and says he hopes to have Michael Parks star in the movie. This would be the second collaboration between the actor and Smith, after 2011’s “Red State.”
Check out the photo Smith posted of the script below:
kevin smith tusk clerks iii script Kevin Smith finishes first draft of 'Tusk', 'Clerks III' not his last movie after all?
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