kevin smith clerks iii as a book gi Kevin Smith wants to do 'Clerks III' as a book before a movie

Film maker turned podcaster Kevin Smith has usually been very open with his audience about what he wants to do next. He took that openness with him during an appearance Friday, on “What’s Trending,” a weekly online show. Smith appeared, along with friend Jason Mewes, to talk about the future of television, specifically online video channels.
When talk turned to, “Clerks III,” which Smith says will be his final film, he ran through the list of ideas he’d had for the project. At one point he wanted to do it as a Broadway play, but realized that venture would lose a lot of people a lot of money. He announced in December that he had an idea for what could become a movie, but he’d only be willing to do it if all necessary players were involved.
However, now the man who took his movie “Red State” from town to town, himself, has another new idea. “I want to do ‘Clerks III’ as a book, first,” the director says. He’d like to release the book online, in episodic chapters, letting the work be influenced by the audience. Speaking to critics who might chastise him for listening to the audience, as he’s an artist, Smith replies, “Now, I’m a new media artist, and the new media artist involves the audience, and that’s something I’ve been doing for nearly 20 years at this point, anyway.”
Smith isn’t shutting the door on a film version of the story, though. Responding to a Twitter follower who said Smith should use the money he makes from the book to fund the film, he replied,  “See – here’s someone who’s thinking.”
What do you think? With media evolving at the pace it is, could Smith’s idea work? Would you be interested in a book version of “Clerks III,” that could eventually lead to a feature film?
Skip ahead to about the 13 minute mark to see Smith talk “Clerks III” Fair warning, there’s some strong language in the interview.

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