kevin ware leg injury photo broken leg louisville Kevin Ware injury video and photo horrify fans: Louisville player breaks leg during regional finalsDuring Sunday’s Midwest regional final game against Duke, Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware suffered gruesome broken leg.

After attempting to block a 3-point shot by Duke’s Tyler Thornton, Ware fell, and broke his leg. Early reports suggest a compound fracture of both his tibia and fibula. His bone was protruding from his skin on the court, horrifying fans and teammates, as well as the opposing team.

Ware’s teammates Chane Behanan and Russ Smith were visibly emotional, sobbing on the court, and Coach Rick Pitino could also be seen crying. Before being removed from the court, Ware spoke with his teammates and Pitino. He was then transported to the nearby Methodist Hospital. According to a University of Louisville spokesman, Ware’s pain is under control and he will likely have surgery tonight.

Photos, video, and animated gifs of Ware’s terrible injury spread across the web like wildfire. Zap2it is choosing not to post the photo and gif, but video of the incident can be found below. Warning: It is extremely graphic and difficult to watch. Click at your own risk.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie