jordan peele key and peele obama anger translator comedy central Happy birthday, Jordan Peele: Celebrate with 'Key and Peele' Obama videos

“Key & Peele” star Jordan Peele turns 35 on Friday, Feb. 21. What better way to celebrate the comedian’s birthday than with a bunch of videos in which he plays President Barack Obama?

The answer is there is no better way. So here are some videos.

Warning: There is some NSFW language in these.

“Obama Loses His S***”

“Obama Shutdown”

“Obama — The College Years”

“I Sunk Your Battleship, B****”


“On the Town Hall Debate”

“Obama Teaches Malia to Drive”

“The Last Four Years”

“S*** Mitt Romney Doesn’t Say”

Happy birthday, Jordan Peele!

Posted by:Laurel Brown