kid rock mens journal Kid Rock on drugs and drinking: 'I still black out here and there'When Kid Rock‘s 1999 single “Bawitdaba” was a TRL staple, we’d never have guessed that years later his biggest hits would be mellow country tunes. While his music may be milder than it used to be, the cover story of this month’s Men’s Journal reveals that Kid Rock’s definition of “mild” comes from a whole different dictionary.

“Whatever your thing is, if it’s pills, cocaine, smoking weed, when you slow that down — which I’ve done a lot of — you’ve got to relearn how to drink,” he tells the mag. “That’s the f***ing hardest part. You used to be able to go all night. Finding that balance has been interesting. I still black out here and there, but nothing too serious.”

Okay then.

Rock isn’t afraid to reveal his softer side, though. He admits he loves nothing more than a happy ending. “The Hilary Swank movie where you walk out of there with tears and just feel terrible — I can’t handle it,” he says. “I just want to see somebody fall off a ladder, the boy and girl go home to a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and feel great about myself. I don’t want any drama in my life — not even in a f***ing movie. Not even when it’s … What’s fake? Is it fiction? Even if it’s fiction, I don’t want it. I just want to be happy and have fun.”

Again – Rock’s version of having fun? Don’t try it at home.

Rock’s latest album, “Born Free,” was released in November 2010, featuring a wide variety of guest artists from across the music spectrum: Martina McBride, T.I., Sheryl Crow, Bob Seger and Zac Brown all make appearances on the record. In mid-June, it was certified platinum, thanks to hit singles like “God Bless Saturday.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie