nicky paris twitpic kca Kids' Choice Awards 2011: Paris and Nicky Hilton on the wayThanks to Twitter, we know that wonder sisters Nicky and Paris Hilton are headed to Saturday (April 2) evening’s Kids Choice Awards, set to kick off at 8 p.m. ET. Nicky tweeted a pic of herself and her sister from the back of their limo with the caption, “En route to the Kids Choice Awards with @ParisHilton! Wonder who’s going to get slimed? :p.

We’re wondering why Nicky and Paris Hilton are headed to Nickelodeon’s celebration of kids’ programming. But maybe there’s something we don’t know — perhaps the sisters are planning a kid-centric cartoon about their lives or, say, a line of action figures — complete with pink toy Bentley?

Still, when the Olsen twins don’t even bother showing up at this thing (we’ll eat our words if they do), you have to wonder why the Hiltons were hip to the scene. Could it be they’d go to the opening of an envelope?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson