kim cattrall physiyoga fizzy yoga gi Kim Cattrall credits physiyoga   or 'fizzy yoga'   with healing her body

Kim Cattrall is 56, but she’s in some of the best shape of her life, which is something she credits to her new addiction to physiyoga. The “Sex and the City” star calls the blend of yoga and physiotherapy “fizzy yoga,” and claims it has saved her life while she’s been performing in “Sweet Birth of Youth” at the Old Vic in London.

“As I get older, I find that cardio is less important to me,” Cattrall tells The Times. “What I want to do more of is intense stretching.”

During her “Sex and the City” days, Cattrall would exercise with high intensity cardio sessions to prepare her for each season. But while she’d film, she’d do “no exercise at all during filming. I’d just collapse at the weekends.”

That unhealthy behavior came to an end when Cattrall’s right knee gave out while she was performing in the play “Private Lives.” Even after taking physiotherapy for six months, she still was unable to do what used to be a normal workout. That’s when she started doing physiyoga, and now says London-based instructor Helen O’Neill saved her life during her time in the UK.

“It’s my Stradivarius and I want to keep it in good shape not just for health reasons but for work,” Cattrall says. “I think Helen’s really got her finger on something that women my age can use to make our lives pain-free.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz