Kim-Clijsters.jpgOur mother raised us to be respectful of women, and that includes three all-important “don’ts” when speaking to the ladies.

1. Don’t ever refer to anyone as “ma’am.”
2. Pretend to assume that a woman is at least 5 years younger than you think she is.

3. And never, ever ask someone if they’re pregnant — even if they’re crowning in your face.

Australian tennis pro and sportscaster Todd Woodridge clearly did not receive the same lesson, as he recently texted a friend of champ Kim Clijsters, asking if she was pregnant. Specifically, Woodbridge wrote, “She looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger!”

Bad move, Todd. Especially because this friend reported back to Clijsters. And being the pistol that she is, the 27-year-old Belgian brought it up during a very public post-match interview with him.

“You thought I was pregnant,” she said, as the color commentator started to look visibly embarrassed, before making matters worse and asking her if she really is with child.

She’s not. And even though she could have justifiably smashed her racket over his head, they hugged it out instead.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell