kim kardashian compares kourtney kardashian octomom gi Kim Kardashian compares Kourtney Kardashian to OctomomThe fun thing about reality shows like “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” being shot months in advance of airing is that everyone knows what the show’s stars, namely Kim Kardashian, are up to now –namely carrying Kanye West‘s love child — and viewers can watch as they ever-so-humbly eat their words.

And so it is that fans of the E! show watch in horror — or at least they should be — as Kim criticizes sister Kourtney Kardashian for … well, for being a mom.

On the season premiere of “Kourtney and Kim,” Kourt’s younger sis has no tolerance for her motherly ways of — gasp — wearing comfortable clothes and no makeup. “She literally is like Octomom,” says Kim of Kourtney. “It’s so overwhelming, it’s even made me second guess wanting to have kids.”

Kim takes the criticism of Kourtney one step further by telling her, “You act like you literally have 500 kids.” She also spouts off about all mothers leading “boring and miserable lives.” Before Kourtney calls Kim a “b***” and storms out, Kim asks, “If you knew how boring you’d become, would you still have had kids?”

OK, so is anyone else hoping Kim’s baby-to-be will help her become a little more “boring” herself? Perhaps motherhood will bring this reality princess down to earth. Do you think it’s even possible?

Here’s a bonus clip from E! Online of the aftermath, as Kourtney asks her baby daddy, Scott Disick if he agrees she has let herself go:

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