kim k haircut Kim Kardashian cuts her hair: Which look do you prefer?Kim Kardashian decided it was time for a little change, y’all.

The reality star cut six inches off her long black hair and debuted the new look on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” On Wednesday, June 15, Kim posted pictures of her new haircut on her official website, saying, “Decided to change it up a bit and cut my hair! I cut it like 5 or 6 inches! I’m loving it! What do you think?” She also tweeted, “Loving my new hair.”

In case you couldn’t tell her haircut is the single most important thing to happen this week, she also gave a statement to Us Weekly, saying, “I just wanted a change! I always wear my hair the same, and wanted something fresh!”

After her friend Lala asked her to send a picture of her new hair, Kim said she would and revealed, “Next week I will go shorter.” How much shorter will Kim go? Only she knows…

What do you think of Kim’s new look, Zappers?

Posted by:tbricker