A Kardashian family dinner isn’t your typical affair. In addition to the whole Kardashian clan gathering to eat, you can also expect to see famous faces like Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy, Kanye West, and Kylie Jenner‘s surprise performer at her birthday, Drake.

Both special guests can be seen in a video Kim posted to Keek, titled, “Hold on, we’re going home #JustARegularFamilyDinner.” Also present was Kylie’s friend Pia Mia, who serenaded those in attendance with a song. Considering the way Drake and Kanye responded to her singing voice, it seems like she has quite the career ahead of her.

Though Pia was confident while singing, it turns out most of that confidence was a sham. “Ahh I was so nervous,” Piia tweets. Looks like she had no reason to be, though — she absolutely killed her performance.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz