kim kardashian baby shower besties Kim Kardashian shares 'garden goddess' baby shower photo

The baby’s getting close when the shower rolls around. Kim Kardashian gathered with around 100 of her closest friends for her baby showed, Sunday (June 2). Not surprisingly, Kim’s shower coincided with the premiere of the new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardasians.” Synergy is everything.
Among the more famous names at the shower were Nicole Richie, Maria Menunos, NeNe Leaks, Kim Stewart and Kelly Osbourne, Us Weekly reports. However, Kim also had her best friends in attendance and snapped a photograph of the group to keep the memory.
She posted the image to her blog, labeled “My Besties!” In the photo Kim is in white, and flanked by her sister Kourney Kardashian and six other women, dressed to impress.
According to a source, Kim and her sisters “dressed as garden goddesses” in white dresses with floral headpieces. Kourtney can be seen wearing one in the photo, but Kim’s holding hers in-hand.
It was only a few hours after the shower, during the new episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” that Kim revealed her baby was a girl.
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