kim kardashian vmas 2014 low cut boobs VMAs 2014: Are you worried about Kim Kardashian's boobs?There’s a deep V, and then there’s a deeeeeeeeeep V. Kim Kardashian chose the latter for her 2014 MTV Video Music Awards dress, which means a very precarious situation for her boobs. 

Her hair looks amazing and the print is appropriately fun, but just because the VMAs are a more casual award show than others doesn’t mean MTV would be cool with her top popping open open on the red carpet. Seriously, those ladies look about ready to burst out of their confinement.

Actually, the network needs to top itself after the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke twerking brouhaha of 2013, so maybe an appearance by Kardashian’s boobs would be welcomed. Nicki Minaj prevented her own from popping out while suffering a wardrobe malfunction during “Bang Bang” — so it’s probably a good thing Kardashian’s whole deal is just standing still looking pretty in front of the cameras.

Demi Lovato wore a similarly precarious style at the 2014 VMAs, though her gown was a little more old school glamour than beach cover-up.

Posted by:Jean Bentley