kardashian wedding e Kim Kardashian's expensive Christmas card problemThere’s so much to figure out when you’re having a 72-day marriage. Where to honeymoon, where to have “the talk” and who will get you the best divorce settlement. So it’s no surprise that a couple things slipped through the cracks for Kim Kardashian. One of those appears to be her Christmas cards.

According to Radar Online, Kim had already ordered high-end Christmas cards in Sept. featuring her and her future ex-husband Kris Humphries. But given her new status as “almost single,” she needs to start over.

“The [Christmas card] proofs were delivered to Kim in mid-September, and she conveyed to the owners of the company that she was very pleased with the results. Kim said she would get back to them with a final choice, but alas, she never did, for obvious reasons,” a source told Radar.

On Monday (Nov. 21), Kim took to Twitter to say she’s making new ones.

“Shooting our family Christmas card today. u guys will love our theme this year. Hanging w the fam is the best! Then off 2 see Rob dance!” she writes.

So what do you figure the theme of the “Christmas Card: Redux” will be? 

Posted by:David Eckstein