kim kardashian kanye west george condo birkin Kim Kardashian's George Condo Birkin bag: priceless artwork or waste of money?Kanye West‘s Christmas present to Kim Kardashian was one-of-a-kind: a Hermes Birkin bag hand-painted by artist George Condo. The celebrated visual artist has been exhibited around the world, including at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Guggenheim, along with museums in Paris, Barcelona, and more. Condo collaborated with West for a series of covers to the rapper’s album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Unfortunately, something about his nude painting gets lost in translation on the coveted $15,000-plus bag — to this untrained, non-art-critic eye, Condo’s almost cartoonish style makes it seem like a child — albeit a child with a fondness for large-breasted women — painted the bag.

Check it out for yourself:

Sure, it’s definitely a collector’s item. But, frankly, if West was going to get someone to deface such a pricey luxury item, it would’ve been a lot more sentimental to have baby North West scrawl something on the leather. It probably would’ve gotten the same reaction from the public (almost all of the comments on Kim’s Instagram of the Birkin are people going “WTF?!”).

What do you think: Is Kim’s Condo bag a priceless work of art or a giant waste of money?

Posted by:Jean Bentley