kimora lee simmons dress for success Kimora Lee Simmons talks spreading fabulosity to every woman

On this past season of Style’s “Life in the Fab Lane,” fans watched as Kimora Lee Simmons said goodbye to Baby Phat, the fashion company she founded in 1991. She was left with the white walls of a new office and having to start again with a new husband, a new baby son and sheer fabulosity to drive her.
“We could have never planned that all these things would go on this season,” Kimora tells Zap2it. “We could never map this out.”
So, Kimora being, well, Kimora, she decided that she needed to do something that helped represent her and where she was in her life. So, she undertook an ambitious event with the nonprofit organization, Dress for Success, which she believed represented her message and where she was in her life.
“These women come from all walks of life,” she says. “These women have been in prison, some have been drug addicts, and some have been victims of abuse. Just to see all the walks of life they came from, it was like, ‘wow, why do you want to talk to me today?’ Just talking to me became a big thing, an all day seminar and we were crying. It really was deep for me. At the end of the day, every single woman told me, ‘We’ve got your back, Kimora.’ And maybe we’re not from the same side of the tracks, but by some turn of the Universe we’re on the same side now. And I love that.”
Kimora says that she gets these women, not just because she relates to their new beginnings in life, but deep down within, she’s still a Midwest girl at heart. “At the end of the day, I’m a regular girl from St. Louis,” she says.

kimora lee simmons dress for success 2 Kimora Lee Simmons talks spreading fabulosity to every woman

“I have this concept of fabulosity, but it’s not about ‘watch me be fabulous,'” Kimora adds. “It’s about learning how to recognize it and creating it for yourself. And I think that’s the whole idea of the movement. So, it’s really incredible for me to do that Dress for Success event. It was kind of life changing for me to see all those women and hear all their stories, and see how much they were so interested in my story. That was so amazing for me.”
Kimora, who says she has always felt very connected to her fans, hopes that others will get involved with Dress for Success, which helps women who are rebuilding their lives with not only looking career-ready, but feeling it too.
“It’s really about helping these women get their lives together, get on their feet,” she says. “You know, job training and interview skills. This is what Dress for Success kind of focuses on. And helping people get reintroduced to the workplace and juggle their families and do these things.”
So, how can you get involved? “They’re in every community,” Kimora explains. “You can go and donate your time and services. They need all kinds of services based on business and style and really coordinating their life and re-introducing them into the workplace. They need volunteers, they need donations, and clothes. I mean these women need everything, so you can easily go to your local division of Dress for Success or one of their affiliates. They deal with a lot of different groups of people in every community. So, you can always find an affiliate, a sister center so to speak, and you can easily get involved.”
For more information on Dress for Success and to get involved, visit their website.
Watch a bonus video on Kimora’s Dress for Success event below:

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