bill rancic kitchen casino food network 'Kitchen Casino's' Bill Rancic learned work ethic from Donald Trump
Zap2it: Had you started out wanting to be on TV?
Bill Rancic: No. I never thought of it. Eleven years ago, a friend of mine, this girl I went to college with, she called me about a new show with Donald Trump about entrepreneurs. I went and next the thing I know they sent me to L.A., and then I am in New York City filming the first season of “Apprentice.” I remember telling my buddy if I could ride this for six months. And then Donald kept having me on as a judge, and one thing led to another and I got a call from A&E, and I did, “We Mean Business.” Then I hosted a morning show, “In the Loop,” me and Kim Coles. We did cooking segments and workout segments. I learned to read a teleprompter. From there we got asked to do “Guiliana & Bill.” We are almost at 100 episodes of that show. And here we go with “Kitchen Casino.” This is certainly not what I expected. I was into real estate. I was always an entrepreneur. I still continue to do that.
Zap2it: What did you learn from Donald Trump?
Bill Rancic: I learned about business, the importance of promotion and marketing, and I learned a lot about the work ethic; he works his tail off. He is in the office early and works late. A lot of people today give up too early.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler