kristen johnston kitson la drug shirt xanax adderall Kitson prescription drug shirts slammed by Kristen Johnston

The Los Angeles department store Kitson is coming under fire for a new line of shirts they’re selling. The tops resemble football jerseys, with the names of several different drugs written across the back, including Xanas, Vicodin and Adderall.
The negative reaction to the shirts didn’t take long, with TMZ reporting that some of the companies whose product names are used on the clothing are looking into legal action. Kitson has also said it would donate the proceeds from the shirts to a selection of organizations that “assist those struggling with substance abuse.” One of those organizations is the Medicine Abuse Project, who’s parent group says they wouldn’t accept the donation as long as the shirts are sold.
One celebrity who has come out in strong opposition to the shirts is “The Exes” star Kristen Johnston. The actress spoke about her battles with drugs and alcohol in the past and isn’t amused with the clothing.
In a tweet she directed at the store, Johnston writes, “Millions are dying, & u want to make $ off it. SHAME ON YOU.” She sent another tweet, but deleted it after whoever handles the Kitson Twitter amount perceived it as a threat and demanded it be removed. In it, she writes about the shirts, “Personally you wear whatever you want, just know if you buy one of them & we ‘bump’ into one another, I didn’t mean to ‘bump’ you into oncoming traffic.” After the fact, Johnson said she wasn’t serious about causing anyone physical harm.
Showing that they may have completely missed the point she was trying to make initially, Kitson also writes, “Next time bully those directly responsible for the drug situation in america: Drug dealers. Not Kitson.”
Kitson has yet to make an official statement on the controversy.
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